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Providing qualified youth athletes and Olympic hopefuls access to elite level coaches, training partners and world class facilities in Corvallis, Oregon.

Isaiah martinez

An Elite Non-profit

Community Leaders. World-class Wrestling.

The Dam RTC is committed to the development of athletes and personal growth through wrestling. We provide mentorship, opportunity, and resources to reach youth, collegiate, and senior-level athletes aspiring to be leaders on and off the mat. Our current goals are to:

  • Support multiple Olympic hopefuls training for Paris 2024
  • Provide positive and competetive opportunities for aspiring youth wrestlers
  • Play an active role in our local community and the greater Pacific Northwest

The Beaver Dam RTC operates as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Generous donors, sponsors, and supporters like you enable us to pursue our goal of growing and preserving the sport of wrestling.

The Beaver Dam RTC is poised to be a special place. With strong community support, and a little hard work, we are building an elite group of wrestling leaders in the Pacific Northwest.

Isaiah Martinez
RTC Resident Athlete

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